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Knowthelist - the awesome party music player

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Knowthelist - the awesome party music player

Runs under Linux, MacOS and Windows

What is Knowthelist?

Knowthelist is an easy to use music player for DJing. Two separate players with their own playlists. A mixer with volume fader, 3 channel equalizer and cross fader. Newly to the player added tracks will be analyzed automatically in the background by a track analyzer to detecting silence and volume of the track. The retrieved start and end timestamps enable gapless playing and the determined volume value can be used to sustain a constant loudness over all songs. Tracks are added from a music collection or directly from the filesystem. The music collection has a quick find function by just typing key words into the search field. Collection tree, found tracks and the playlists remain always clearly structured in one view. No unnecessary clicks to switch between views.

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